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Across from City Hall, next to Grill Marks

Clemson STEAM Exhibit
Clemson University faculty, students, and staff will showcase the intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math in the Clemson STEAM Exhibit.  This year’s exhibit will be packed with interactive displays, demonstrations, and activities along with opportunities to interact with Clemson students, faculty, and staff conducting cutting-edge research in engineering, the sciences, and the arts.  Visitors will explore architectural concepts through paper construction; program drawing robots; help assemble and play a pipe organ; and experience the creation of digital art. New pieces from the popular Science as Art collection will also be on display, and visitors will be able to use the microscopes that researchers used to create some of these stunning images.

HOOKEd on Microscopy: Exploring the Magnificent Microcosm

If you have ever wondered what a butterfly’s mouth or a starfish look like under a microscope, you will not want to miss “The Magnificent Microcosm,” sponsored by the Clemson Light Imaging Facility.  You will have the chance to look at samples under a microscope and see images from our “HOOKEd on Microscopy” contest.

Materials Wonderland!

Shape shifting and jump contests, magic metal and collaborative creation! This exhibition will showcase how origami – the ancient paper folding art – can inspire engineered structures and materials. Meanwhile, exploration opportunities related to atomic structure and properties will also be available.


Guests will fold paper shapes to learn about architectural concepts. The individual paper constructions will be added to a larger structure that will transform throughout the festival. Guest can also experience local spaces as well as recent student projects through virtual reality.

Exploring TSP Arts

This exhibit introduces children and young adults to the connection between the mathematical concept of Traveling Salesman Problems (TSP) and geometric properties of 2D artwork. Exhibit goers will have the opportunity to have TSP portraits made of them, solve their own physical TSP and learn about the real-world applications of this concept.


A mobile kit will be used to repeatedly assemble and dismantle a fully-functioning traditional pipe organ to provide multi-generational audiences the opportunity to understand the connection between music and the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics via a hands-on building experience.

Drawing with robotsR2D2 Meets Rembrandt

This automated attraction is an interactive activity that introduces children and young adults to computer programing through art.  They write the code for the shape they wish to create and download it to a small Scribbler robot that then “draws” their picture. This is a wonderful activity that shows that robots can make art too!

New Perspectives

Come see a special curation of digitally made artwork by Clemson students and faculty. This exhibit, organized as a mini-cinema, hopes to showcase the innovative ways artists are using digital software like the Adobe Suite to create fine art.

Back to Traditional using Digital Art

The exhibition will showcase multiple detailed 3D printed art pieces. The exhibition will not only show the results of the 3D prints, but also showcase the work flow, such as creating the art using digital tools, detailing and slicing, and printing the digital work to a physical form.

Science as Art 2020

Science as Art has challenged Clemson University students, faculty and staff, as well as pre-college students around the state, to share the powerful and inspiring visual images produced in our laboratories, workspaces and learning environments. This exhibit aims to excite and educate with science, technology, engineering and mathematics through visually captivating images that are described in basic terms.